How do I run another challenge with my group?

Here is the best way to launch a new challenge with an already existing group

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We are so excited to have you running another wellness challenge with us here at Count.It! Most likely, your group is still actively registered on Count.It which means most of your members already have an active profile in your group. (If your group was closed after your last challenge: here's how to launch a whole new group!)

If you plan to run a new challenge with the same group (aka retaining all historical data and billing records, etc) but want to start with a clean roster, start by deleting the current members list and then follow the steps below.

If you are retaining most of the same members from your previous Count.It group challenge, it's easiest to simply follow these steps:

  1. Edit your current members list (remove unwanted members, re-assign Captains, etc)

  2. Upgrade your group* account to PRO

  3. Edit your Teams (check settings, assignments, etc.)

*the group member limit minimum will start at the number of currently registered group members. Check your Admin>Members page if you need to confirm who is currently registered in your group or how to determine member limit when upgrading.

**please let your members know that they simply need to log into their existing account and confirm their tracker connection to become active in the newest challenge.

***any member still actively registered on Count.It in the previous group's challenge will automatically be enrolled in the new group challenge and not need to go through the sign up process again.

If you have any more questions that aren't covered in our Getting Started / PRO guide, feel free to reach out to us directly - otherwise, signing up and starting your newest challenge takes only minutes!

Thanks again for being active members of the Count.It community!

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