How do I create a PRO challenge?

Learn which buttons to push and what levers to pull.

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On Count.It, PRO Admins can create challenges to engage and motivate their group. A challenge is defined by its start and end dates, and challenges can be of any duration. Each challenge can include up to four different goals and reward combinations for individuals, teams, and/or for the entire group.

By creating both current and future challenges, Admins can effectively schedule a program of goals and rewards for their group by week or by month into the future.

How to Create a Challenge

To create a new challenge, go to the PRO Admin > Challenges dashboard, and click the "+" sign or "Add Challenge."

This will open up the new challenge creation form. As noted, you can create up to four goal and reward combinations, for individuals, teams, or for your entire group.

First, choose your challenge dates. PRO Groups can create challenges of any duration via their PRO Admin Challenges dashboard. Admin should create their challenges on or before the desired start date - even if still operating on your free trial week. Count.It as policy does not backdate challenges past the previous 7 days or prior to the start of the PRO subscription.

Then, click on any of the sections in the "accordion" input to add a goal and reward. You can create two individual goals, as well as a team goal, and a goal for your entire group to achieve collectively. You can "turn on" all of the goals at once, or you can layer them into your program with successive challenges.

For each goal, you can set a reward. If you choose a gift card reward, Count.It will automate the delivery of the e-gift card prizes. Alternately, you can choose to "write in" your own prize(s) by selecting the "Other" reward type.

Once your done, click on the "Save" button. If you'd like to instantly alert your group to the new challenge(s), click the "Save and Update Team" option.

When you create challenges, they will appear immediately in the challenge cards above the leaderboard on your group homepage:

If you schedule more than one challenge, you can navigate between them via the date picker buttons on the toolbar just above:

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