Once you've created your group, you should invite some people to join you!

Most group admins invite their members to join via email using their group's custom invite link. The invite link is a conveniences for web onboarding and eliminates the need for users to identify your group -- they'll be added automatically once they create their personal account.

Users who choose to download the Count.It app, and create their account that way, will simply need to identify your group during the onboarding step. This is not hard, and takes just a moment longer.

  • Tip #2: Make sure everyone has your exact group name. This will prevent users joining without your custom link from joining the wrong group, or creating duplicate groups!

Every group on Count.It, BASIC or PRO, has a custom invitation link that simplifies sign up for users if they join via the web. You can find this either on your Invites page, or on your Admin > Group Profile page, and simply copy the link into your invite message. You will find your group link on your Admin > Group Profile page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your PRO group has Teams, there is no direct invite link to join Teams. All your member must first join your larger group before they are prompted to join a team! Please be sure to specify this distinction to your members in your invite to avoid unnecessary confusion.

To quickly invite small groups of users, you can also paste your invitee email addresses into the form on your Invites page and hit send.

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