How do I upgrade my group to a PRO plan?

Ready to run an awesome challenge? Here's how to turn on the full power of the Count.It platform in just a few minutes.

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To get the most out of the Count.It platform, we recommend upgrading to one of our PRO plans. Start by going to the Count.It Pricing page:

Step 1. Choose your PRO plan.

You can choose either the PRO Event plan, or the PRO Program plan. Both plans provide full access to all Count.It PRO features.

The Event plan offers a one time six week subscription, and is good for periodic challenges. Please note: PRO Event subscriptions start at the time of payment - there is not a way to set a later start date.

The Program plan is a month-to-month subscription designed for ongoing wellness programs. For more information, see this Help article.

Step 2. Set your group size.

Use the group size slider to set your desired group size. Once registered for a PRO Event or PRO Program, there is not an option to lower your billed number of participants until your plan concludes. This means a 6-week minimum for PRO Event groups and a 3-month minimum for the PRO Program.

For that reason, Count.It recommends that when you first upgrade to PRO, you set your group size to a conservative estimate of how many people will actually sign up. Not to worry, you can always add more users later.

Note: The slider will be set to your current group size. You can make it bigger now, and/or add more users later. If you expect fewer, however, you would need to delete some of your current group members on your Admin>Members page before proceeding.

Step 3. Select an optional training webinar.

The Count.It platform is designed to be easy to use, but some groups like to have a bit of extra support, especially when launching their first challenge. The one hour virtual webinar can be a great way to organize your admin team, or to promote the challenge to all participants.

Step 4. Checkout!

Once you've made your selections, you can click the checkout button. On the following page, enter your credit card payment info. You can also click the "Pay by ACH/Invoice" to initiate invoice payments. Our billing "bot" will pop up to ask for more information, but you will still be able to upgrade immediately!

That's it!

If you want to learn more about configuring challenges, creating teams, etc please check the FAQ: Count.It PRO and Getting Started for Group Organizers sections of our Help Center.

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