If you've been on our BASIC plan and you want to go PRO, (and/or you were once PRO and want to re-upgrade), just follow these steps:

  • Login to your Admin>Account page on Count.It.

  • Click the Upgrade Plan button.

  • On the Plans page, choose either the Program or Event plan, and then slide the group size slider to whatever size of you group you expect. (Note: The slider will be set to your current group size. You can make it bigger now, and/or add more users later. If you expect fewer, however, you would need to delete some of your current group members on your Admin>Members page before proceeding.)

  • Click the Checkout button.

  • On the Checkout page, you can either enter your credit card info, or click the link below the credit card info form that says "Pay by Invoice?"

  • If you want to pay by invoice, the Count.It "billing bot" will pop up, ask you a few questions, and then provide you with an upgrade link.

That's it! If you want to learn more about configuring challenges, creating teams, etc please check the FAQ: Count.It PRO and Getting Started for Group Organizers sections of our Help Center.

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