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What does the Count.It Live Training/Support Webinar cover?
What does the Count.It Live Training/Support Webinar cover?

After 100K challenges hosted, we share best practices, hands on training, and lot's of morale support!

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Count.It offers live 60 minute training webinars for new or returning challenge groups. These sessions are particularly good for larger enterprise customers with complex deployments, or groups with non-standard challenge ideas. The Count.It CEO or Director of Support can work with group admins, or with an entire group populations, and tailor the session to group needs. There are no maximum or minimum limits to the number of people in a training webinar.

  • Invite your group admins (wellness committee, team captains, etc.) prior to your challenge for a thorough interactive training on the platform. Help these challenge "champions" get motivated and prepared to rally their troops.

  • Invite all members of your group for a live demo. Use the session to spread the word about the challenge, and drive employee engagement. Topics covered: Onboarding, tracker connection, challenge goals and rewards, newsfeed, Slack app (if relevant), etc.

How to purchase a training session?

  • You can purchase a training session at any time via the Count.It Plans/Pricing page. Simply select the "Live Training / Support Webinar" option at the bottom before checking out. Once registered, we'll reach out to confirm a time for your session.

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