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FAQ: PRO Plans (Count.It Classic)
How do I create and assign Teams for my group?
How do I create and assign Teams for my group?

Learning the PRO Admin dashboard.

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Any group on Count.It with a PRO subscription can create Teams. Teams belong to the group, and the number of teams and size will vary at the discretion of the group's Admin. Team preferences are set on the PRO Admin --> Teams page.

How are teams created? Admins can create the group's teams via the Teams dashboard, or they can check the box on that page to allow users to create their own teams via the User Settings --> Teams page.

When a group has one or more teams, the Count.It will automatically prompt all new group members to join a team.

If desired, Admins can add and remove group members to and from teams "manually" via the PRO Admin --> Members page. To do so, select the Add Team option to the right of the user's name, chose the Team assignment from the drop down menu, and select the check mark to confirm.


Important notes:

  • Group members can be a part of multiple Teams.

  • There is no limit to the number of people on a team. If Admins want to establish teams of the same size, they must instruct group members to hit that number, and monitor the team sizes!

  • In practice, teams may vary in size, but using the AVERAGE metric for team challenges makes all team performance comparable.

  • Teams can be "Active" or "Inactive." This allows the group to run different types of team challenges without having to delete teams. Simply highlight the 'Inactive' word and it will set back to 'Active' any time you want to re-establish those teams. Example:

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