On Count.It you earn Points for being active. The more active you are, the more points you earn, and the higher you move up on your group leaderboard. By default, all groups on the free, BASIC see their leaderboards in Count.It Points and Count.It groups on the BASIC plan can only track Steps (running & walking) and Cycling.

PRO groups have the option of viewing their group leaderboards in "Steps (Equivalent)." "Steps (Equivalent)" means having a common currency allowing people to share common goals, and to compete with each other, regardless of activity. PRO Admins will also find this preference setting on their PRO Admin --> Group Profile page:

PRO Groups can then also choose any combination of the tracked activities for their challenges by setting their preference via their PRO Admin --> Group Profile page:

The conversion of the various activity metrics to Count.It points is as follows:


  • 10,000 steps = 100 Count.It points; (100 steps = 1 Count.It point)


  • 17 miles = 27.36 km = 100 Count.It points; (1 cycling mile = 5.882 points; 1 cycling KM = 3.655 points)


  • 2721 meters = 100 Count.It points


  • 60 minutes = 100 Count.It points


  • 80 minutes = 100 Count.It points


  • 65 minutes = 100 Count.It points

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