The Count.It Slack app introduced the concept of the "workbreak." The idea is simple: For many of us who work at desks all day, it's important to get up regularly and do something to take care of our body. This could be a short "stretch break," a quick exercise break, or even a moment to meditate or hydrate.

SO, we decided to give people a way to set daily workbreak goals, and also to reward them for taking their breaks.

Every workbreak logged on Count.It is worth five (5) Count.It points!

Along the way, we also realized that it was fun and effective to allow people to "challenge" or invite their friends and co-workers to take a workbreak with them.

Here's how it works:

  • /countit goal to set a personal workbreak goal...

  • /countit [AMOUNT] [ACTIVITY] to log a workbreak

Users can log a workbreak directly using a /countit command with activity indicated, or by just typing /countit alone to get the workbreak logging popup form.

/countit 25 pushups

/countit 2 mins stretching

/countit 8 oz hydration


/countit [RETURN]

PRO TIPS: The syntax of workbreak commands is somewhat flexible. For example, all of the following will work:

/countit 8 oz hydration

/countit 12 oz water

/countit 4 ounces water

/countit push ups

/countit pushups


  • /countit @friend [AMOUNT] [ACTIVITY} to invite an @friend or #channel to do a workbreak with you!

/countit @oliver 10 pushups

/countit @here 10 pushups

Have fun, and don't forget to take a break!

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