Groups that subscribe to Count.It PRO can turn on the "Manual Entries" feature on their PRO Admin--->Group Profile page. This is great for people who are using older pedometers that don't connect digitally, though it can also be used by anyone to cover "lost" days when you left your tracker at home, or the battery died.

How to Enter Data

  • Log in to Count.It, and go to your Activity Log page. Find the day for which you would like to add data, and tap or click that day. You'll see the edit pencil icon appear in the score circle.
  • This will open the data edit popup form, and you will see input fields for steps, cycling (kilometers!), and "Bonus Points." If you have a tracker(s) connected, you will also see any data that has been recorded from that data source. Enter the data for the day into the appropriate field. If you've tracked cycling in miles, don't forget to convert to Kilometers! Then hit SAVE.
  • Please note: because by default, the system will take the best score for any given activity and day from the source that provides it, if you are tracking Steps (for example) with multiple sources, and you chose Manual Entries, you must enter the TOTAL number of Steps you wish to record for that day, not just in addition to your other devices.

How to Set Data Source Preference

  • Count.It allows users to connect one or more fitness tracking apps to their account. By default, the system will take the best score for any given activity and day from the source that provides it. However, if you have connected multiple tracking apps, and you would like to change which data source is "active" for a given day, simply select the radio button to the left of the data source to make that tracker "active" for the day. This will NOT change the default setting for any other day.

What are Bonus Points?

  • Count.It now tracks a number of activities: Walking, running, swimming, cycling, strength training, yoga, and meditation. If a PRO group decides it wants to offer credit to users for not-yet-supported activities, it can turn on the PRO "Bonus Points" feature. The group admin can assign a preset number of Bonus Points to any activity, or they can direct their group members to the Count.It conversion table (shown below), and also in the Help Center. Users can then enter the data manually when they've done the activity.

Conversion Table: Count.It Points for 60 Minutes of Activity by User Weight

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