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Can I edit the dates of my challenge?
Can I edit the dates of my challenge?'s a PRO feature!

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On Count.It, groups on the free BASIC plan can not create challenges. The BASIC plan does, however, provide calendar Day, Week, and Month leaderboards for all group members. See here for all the ways you can sort & view your group activity data!

Groups on one of the PRO plans can create structured challenges with goals and rewards for individuals, teams, and/or the entire group as a whole. Using the Challenges dashboard, PRO Admins can set their challenges to start on the current date, or any future date as long as the full duration of the challenge falls within the timeframe of the PRO subscription: either the 6-week PRO Event plan, or the month-to-month PRO Program plan.

Admins can "backdate" a challenge up to seven days prior to the current date and challenge dates can be updated at any time as long as the challenge remains ongoing, or active. Once the challenge has ended, the leaderboards are closed, and the dates can not be changed.

Note: When a group has one or more active PRO challenges, those leaderboards will be displayed by default on the group's homepage. The challenge with the earliest start date takes precedence. Once the challenge has ended, the system will display the current Monthly leaderboard by default.

On the group homepage, users can navigate through current and past leaderboards by selecting the appropriate timeframe in the leaderboard selector shown below, and then clicking the left and right arrows next to the displayed leaderboard date(s).

Check out the Count.It PRO plans and decide which one is best for your group!

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