On Count.It, anyone can create a group for free on our BASIC plan. This is your community hub, and you can invite as many people to join as you like, and always keep track of your group's basic activity "vitals."

Groups upgrade to our paid PRO plans in order to run structured event challenges of up to six weeks, or to run longer challenges, or ongoing challenge-centric wellness programs. (Note: See below for a more detailed summary of PRO vs. PRO Legacy.)


All Groups operating on the free, BASIC plan:

  • Can have an unlimited number of members.

  • Can view your leaderboard only for the current month and can run unofficial challenges using the metrics of 'Monthly' 'Weekly' 'Daily'

  • Can keep track of your group's basic activity vitals such as 'Average' 'Total', etc.

  • Have connections to all of our supported fitness trackers.

  • Track only Steps and Cycling activity.

  • Have a restricted leaderboard view of the top 15 members on Slack.

  • Work well for small "DIY" challenges.

  • Is the setting all PRO groups revert to when between active PRO challenges.

Upgrading to PRO gives groups access to the full power of the platform:

  • Support for all activity types, including swimming, strength training, yoga, and meditation.

  • The ability to create challenges of any duration or start date, and a growing selection of structured goals and rewards for individuals, teams, and for the entire group.

  • Support for internal teams! PRO Admins can create any number of teams within their larger group, or let their group members form teams organically.

  • Support for "push button" rewards, including e-gift cards from a growing list of popular brands (Amazon, Starbucks, etc.)

  • Support for manual data entry, allowing users without smartphones to participate, and also allowing users to enter "bonus points" for activities not easily tracked, i.e. nutrition challenges, event attendance, or other activities.

  • Support for setting leaderboard preferences, i.e. showing leaderboards in Steps or Points, establishing a default leaderboard view, and more.


BASIC groups on Count.It are free forever! The price for PRO plans is based on the number of users in the group, and the per user rate declines as your group's user count increases. There are no setup fees on Count.It, and all new groups can take advantage of a seven day free trial, so you can try before you buy!

When upgrading to either of the PRO Event or Program plans, you will select your estimated group size. You will be charged at the start of your plan (after the free trial period) for the number of users you select. You can always add more users later, and you will simply be charged for them when you add them.

Please note: PRO plans allow groups to upgrade with a minimum of 10 members, increasing membership by multiples of 5 as indicated on the pricing slide bar.

PRO Event plans activate all platform features for six weeks. (For new groups with seven day free trials, the total time is seven weeks!) Groups can run unlimited challenges within that time period, i.e one six week challenge, six one week challenges, or any other combination!

PRO Program plans can run their programs on a month-to-month basis, or they can purchase an annual subscription at a great discount. For either the monthly or annual option, there is a minimum three month commitment.

To view up-to-date pricing for all group sizes and PRO plans, please check the Count.It pricing page.

PRO vs. PRO Legacy: What has changed?

  • Two new PRO plans: Event and Program.

  • Legacy PRO plans remain in effect until they expire or are cancelled!

  • All plan pricing still based on group size. Pay up front based on your group's estimate size, and add more users later as needed.

  • PRO Event: Turn on all PRO features for up to six weeks. Pay one time for unlimited challenges and all platform features during that time.

  • PRO Program: Similar to the "legacy" PRO plans, this can be used for longer challenges, or an ongoing challenge-centric wellness program. Minimum commitment: Three months.

  • PRO Event prices range from $2.62 to $3.99 per user. This is a higher per user price than "legacy" plans, BUT groups get challenges of up to six weeks; whereas the previous billing was monthly, forcing groups to pay $4 per user for event challenges of more than four weeks.

  • PRO Program prices range from $1.65 to $2.79 per user based on group size and monthly vs. annual commitment.

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