How does the Count.It PRO 7-Day Free Trial work?

What can you do and/or not do during your trial? All your questions answered!

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All new subscribers to Count.It PRO plans get an initial seven day free trial. During this period, all PRO features are activated, and groups can do anything and everything that they would do during a fully paid subscription. Challenges can be launched during a free trial, and extend after the trial is over. For quick reference, here are answers to common questions regarding Count.It's free trials:

  • Can I start my challenge during the trial, or do I have to wait until it's over? Your challenge can start any time during or after your free trial. You can start a challenge during the trial, and have it last after. If you have a purchased a six week PRO Event plan, you can (in theory) run a seven week challenge. Your paid PRO Event or PRO Program subscription begins immediately after your seven day trial ends.

  • Should I onboard all my members before going PRO? For new groups, you have the free trial week to get all your members registered and syncing data. If you want more than a week, or for returning PRO groups you will need to onboard your members while still on the free, BASIC plan if you plan to use the full 6 weeks of your Event. The free trial week is not re-offered to group re-activating their PRO status.

  • Do I pay now or later? You will be charged automatically at the end of your free trial. If you do not want your subscription to continue, you should cancel your plan before the trial expires.

  • Can I increase or decrease the number of participants after registering? Yes, you can increase your number of participants at any time. You can not decrease your group size once you have purchased your PRO plan. If you are still in your free trial, and you believe you may have overestimated your group size, you can simply cancel your plan, and re-upgrade. You will not get a new free trial, but your group and all data and challenges will remain intact, and you will have the correct number of users!

  • Can I run multiple free trials for the same group? The free trial option is offered only once to groups new to Count.It. Returning groups can always onboard new members while their group is still on the free, BASIC plan anytime before upgrading to PRO and launching their newest challenge. For additional support or training before your launch your challenges, Count.It offers any group at any time the option to enroll in a 1-hour Live Training / Support Webinar.

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