Leaderboards on Count.It can be filtered in a number of ways. Click the filter buttons to choose your desired:

Time Period: Daily, Weekly*, Monthly, Challenge (PRO)

Date: scroll through using the arrows

Leaderboard Type: People, Teams (PRO)

Metric: Average, Best Day, % Change, Total

* Weekly leaderboards run Monday - Sunday.

The default view for groups operating on the free, BASIC plan is the current month's board and in Count.It Points.

Count.It PRO groups have the option of viewing their group leaderboards in all metrics including "Steps (Equivalent). shown on your group leaderboard as such:

as selected on their PRO Admin > Group Profile page:

Here's what each of the following metrics mean:

  • The AVERAGE leaderboard is displayed by default, and this shows each user's average daily score for the given time period. The units are displayed in Count.It points, though PRO groups can also choose to show "Steps (Equivalent).

  • The BEST DAY leaderboard is a ranking of each person’s highest score for a single day during the time period.

  • % CHANGE is only available for Monthly leaderboards, and this ranking shows each user's percent improvement (or lack thereof) from one month to the next. A score greater than 100% means an improvement over the prior month. Note: This will be empty if your team does not have at least one challenge under its belt.

  • The TOTAL leaderboard shows displays the cumulative point (or step) total for each user in the given time period.

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