The % CHANGE ranking shows each user's (or team's) percent improvement (or lack thereof) from one time period to the next of the same duration. The metric is available for BASIC groups for successive Weekly and Monthly leaderboards, with the option for PRO groups to create custom date challenges.

Please note: For PRO groups, the option will not be available when creating your first ever challenge. The option becomes accessible once you have completed your first challenge in order to create the % change second challenge.

A user's score for a given day in the current time period, is compared with how they were doing at the same time in the prior time period. On the % Change leaderboard, a score of 100% indicates that there has been no change from one time period to the next. Anything greater than 100% is an improvement, and less than 100% is a decline.

Example: If a user has a Count.It score of 100 on August 15th, and they had a score of 50 on July 15th, then they will show a % CHANGE score of 200% on the August leaderboard. When a week or month is over, the % CHANGE metric therefore shows the final improvement for that complete time period over the preceding.

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