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What time does my challenge officially end?
What time does my challenge officially end?
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Your challenge officially ends at 11:59PM - aka, midnight in your group's timezone - on the last date listed. However, the challenge boards officially close (and the official results post) at 12PM - aka, noon the following day.

WHY: We allow twelve hours after the challenge ends (aka - until 12PM the following day) for all users to sync their devices one last time to gather all remaining steps and for the leaderboards to recalculate. If you don't see the results posted to your PRO Admin>Reporting page yet, wait to confirm your winners as your Leaderboard may still be showing the older rankings if calculations are still in progress...

Example: If your group is running a challenge from 09/14 - 09/28, you will no longer be able to add any steps tracked past 11:59PM on 09/28. However, the challenge itself will remain 'open' until 12pm on 09/29 to allow users to sync their devices and leaderboards to recalculate. Aka - just like the US election process, while you can no longer cast a vote past date, there will always be time allotted to count all the votes!

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