How does Count.It credit cycling?

How to get credit for outdoor cycling, indoor stationary cycling, spin class, Peloton, etc...

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Count.It credits cycling activities measured in distance, not time. So, if you log an outdoor ride, or an indoor ride that includes distance traveled, then you will see a score for that activity in your Count.It log. (The conversion is 1 cycling mile = 5.882 Count.It Points.)


If you log an indoor ride (like a spin class) using your Fitbit or Apple Watch, and that "workout" only includes minutes of cycling, but not distance, then the activity does not automatically get credited.

The solution is to log that distance manually on your Apple Health or Fitbit before syncing to Count.It. Alternately, if your group is PRO and have our Manual Entry feature turned on, you can easily enter this distance directly into Count.It via your Logs page. See here for an easy Miles to KM conversion.


Count.It does not connect directly to Peloton, but we can get your Peloton activity data via Apple Health, Fitbit or Strava, all of which do have direct Count.It Connections. Here's how:

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