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FAQ: PRO Plans (Count.It Classic)
What gift cards are available for challenge winners?
What gift cards are available for challenge winners?

Amazon, Target, etc...

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When creating a challenge, PRO Groups can select a reward for their challenge from a number of companies and Count.It will automate the gift card to be distributed to the group's winners upon the official end of their respective challenge!

  • All gift cards are delivered via email -- these are standard e-gift cards: Users get a code which they can use to make purchases online, and/or at the point-of-sale in the related store.

  • Currently, Admins must set their gift card rewards amounts in US dollars, and they will be charged in USD for the card purchases at the end of the challenge. That said, if requested, we will convert the dollar amounts and deliver the gift cards to users in their local denominations. We run the conversion at the current exchange rate. (Please see here for how to set up a challenge when anticipating non-US gift card distribution)

Currently, Count.It provides selection from the following cards for rewards distribution. While some companies operate or ship to many additional countries, the ones listed are the current countries outside of the US where that company has approved their gift card usage:

  • Amazon (US, Canada, France, UK )

  • Target (US only)

  • Whole Foods (US, Canada)

  • Starbucks (US, Canada)

  • Panera (US, Canada)

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