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FAQ: PRO Plans (Count.It Classic)
How do I see the results of a challenge that is over?
How do I see the results of a challenge that is over?

Your challenge ended, and you can't find the leaderboard? Read on.

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Groups operating on the free, BASIC plan can view past monthly, weekly, and daily leaderboards at any given time by using the date picker button and clicking the back arrow to navigate backward in time. Similarly, groups with current or past PRO subscriptions can see results of any past challenge in two ways:

  • To see past challenge leaderboards: Go to your group homepage, use the time picker dropdown to select "Challenges," and then click the back arrow to find the desired challenge.

  • For a downloadable file of past challenge results: On your PRO Admin --> Reporting page you will find a list of downloadable reports. Choose the desired dates, and click the "download" button to download a .csv or .xls file with a daily points per user report for your challenge.

*Please note: Your challenge officially ends at 12AM - aka midnight in your group's timezone - on the last date listed. Count.It then allows 12 hours after the final challenge closes (aka - until 12PM the following day) for all users to sync their devices one last time to gather all remaining steps and for the leaderboards to recalculate. If you don't see the results posted to your PRO Admin>Reporting page yet, wait to confirm your winners as your Leaderboard may still be showing the older rankings if calculations are still in progress...

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