If you've been on our BASIC plan and you want to go PRO, and/or you were once PRO and want to re-upgrade, just follow these steps. You can pay either by credit card or via invoice (check, ACH), and the whole thing is self service and takes just a few minutes.

  • Login to your Account page on Count.It.

  • Click the Upgrade Plan button.

  • On the Plans page, choose the Event plan, and then slide the group size slider to whatever size of you group you expect. (Note: The slider will be set to your current group size. You can make it bigger now, and/or add more users later. If you expect fewer, however, you would need to delete some of your current group members on your Members page before proceeding.)

  • Click the Checkout button.

  • On the Checkout page, you can either enter your credit card info, or click the link below the credit card info form that says "Pay by Invoice?"

  • If you want to pay by invoice, the Count.It "billing bot" will pop up, ask you a few questions, and then provide you with an upgrade link.

That's it! If you want to learn more about configuring challenges, creating teams, inviting people, or more, please check the Getting Started for Group Organizers section of our Help Center.

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