We built Count.It for its users. Our goal is to help you live your best, healthiest life. We make our money from group admins who pay to use our cool PRO features. We do not make our money by advertising, or by selling your personal activity data.

You can remove your account at any time, and we will delete your data.

That's the big picture. Now, here are more details.

When you sign up for Count.It, we ask for a name, email and password. When you connect a fitness tracker (e.g. Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, etc.), you grant Count.It access to the data on your device. In practice, Count.It only collects the data that we use for our challenges, i.e. steps, cycling, swimming, and meditation. We also collect your fitness tracker type, and your location so we can map your activity to the correct timezone.

We do not collect biometric data, such as weight or heart rate, nor do we gather sleep or nutrition-related data.

Count.It converts your raw activity data in to a Count.It score. When they look at your group's leaderboards, other members of your group can see your Count.It score over different periods, and in different ways, i.e. Average, Total, Best Day, and % Change.

For more details see Count.It's Terms & Conditions.

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