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Fitness Trackers & Syncing
What fitness tracker apps work with Count.It? (Count.It Classic)Count.It Classic supports Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, Google Fit, Strava, RunKeeper...
I don't see my fitness tracker listed... What can I do?Use Apple Health or Google Fit to connect unsupported apps!
How do I connect my fitness tracker?Here's how to add a new tracker or change the one you're using.
Can I connect multiple tracking devices or apps?Short answer: YES!
Tips on Activity SyncingHow do Count.It and Fitness Trackers Work
Troubleshooting device sync issuesWhy is my data not showing up?!
Can I use my iPhone and/or Apple Watch as my tracker?
Is there an Android app for Count.It?Short answer: Yes!
Can I connect my Samsung Health app or Samsung wearable?It takes some work, but you can use Google Fit and Health Sync to do it.
Connecting Mi Fit (and Mi Band) to Count.It via Google FitThis goes for any other unsupported fitness tracking app too!
Can I enter my activity data directly (manually) into Count.It?Psssst: It's a feature of Count.It PRO!
Fitbit Authorization ErrorWhy you are getting this message & how to quickly solve the issue
How long does it take for my tracker to sync to Count.It?If you don't see your data right away, don't panic!
Why is my score lower than expected?What to do if your totals don't seem to add up
Why is Count It showing a different step total than my tracking device?
How can I delete an inaccurate data point?
How do I track and record Meditation?Psssst: It's a feature of Count.It PRO!
How do I connect my Polar device to Count.It? (Specific instructions.)
How do I connect Runtastic to Count.It? (Specific Instructions.)
How do I remove my Apple Health connection?