Create a challenge group on Count.It Classic

Want to run a challenge? First create your group, then you can invite people, and create your challenge.

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Welcome to Count.It! Creating a group on Count.It just takes a few minutes. If you don't already have a personal account on Count.It, you'll create one in the process. (Note: If you're joining an existing group, please see here.)

You can create a group for free on our BASIC plan, and then upgrade to PRO to access all of the platform features. Not sure which plan is right for you? Check here.

Step 1. Register with your email, or via Apple or Slack

Register with your email address, Apple, or Slack. If email, we'll send you a quick verification message.

Step 2. Fill in your profile

Enter your first and last name, and then choose an avatar that will appear in your profile.

Step 3. Create your group!

In the next step, click on the "Start a group" button, and follow the prompts to name your new group, and assign a location. You can change these later if you like. The name can be your organization name, or any name you want for your challenge, i.e. "Acme Co." or "Acme Co. Fall Challenge!"

The location is used to set the official timezone for the challenge. Note to worry: Your group members can be all over the world. (For more on timezones, see here.)

Step 4. Connect a tracker

To finish your personal onboarding, you can connect one or more trackers, or skip this step. You can always add a tracker later.

You did it!

For info on inviting your group members, and configuring your BASIC group, see here. To upgrade your group to PRO, follow the steps below.

Step 5. Upgrade your group to PRO (Optional)

To upgrade to PRO, we recommend accessing Count.It via a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer. Simply go to the Count.It Plans & Pricing page, select your plan, set your group size, and click the "Checkout" button. You can pay by credit card or request invoicing. For step-by-step instructions, please see here.

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