On Count.It, anyone can create a group for free on our BASIC plan. This is your community hub, and you can invite as many people to join as you like, and always keep track of your group's basic activity "vitals." Please note: The Slack integration limits the group to only reflect the top 15 ranked members listed on the leaderboard.

Groups upgrade to our paid PRO plans in order to run structured event challenges of up to six weeks, or to run longer challenges, or ongoing challenge-centric wellness programs. Added bonus: The price for PRO plans is based on the number of users in the group, and the per user rate declines as your group's user count increases.

We strongly suggest that if you are looking to create a group of 15+ members that you take a look at the features offered on Count.It's PRO. We find groups of that size or larger operate more effectively and have more success when given the options of activities tracked, bonus points & manual entries, internal teams, rewards, etc.

See here for more details and to decide which plan is right for you!

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