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FAQ: PRO Plans (Count.It Classic)
How do I add members to my PRO group? (Count.It Classic)
How do I add members to my PRO group? (Count.It Classic)

All the nitty gritty on adding and removing members for PRO groups, and when charges are processed for credit card or invoice customers.

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On Count.It, groups on PRO plans pay subscription fees based on the size of the group. The cost per user declines as the group size increases.

While admins can always increase their group size during a subscription, they can not remove users once a subscription has started. For this reason, we recommend admins set their initial group size conservatively, and add more users as they go. The minimum PRO group size is ten users.

If a user attempts to join a group that has reached its limit, both the user and all group admins will be alerted via email, and the user will be put into a "pending" state until the Admin can increase the group size. This can be done easily via the PRO Admin --> Account page:

  • Step 1: Use the slider to increase your group size as needed*. Then click the Upgrade Plan button, and proceed through the checkout process.

  • Step 2: Once you've increased your group size limit, go to your PRO Admin > Members page and approve any "pending" users.

When upgrading, PRO groups can pay using a credit card, or they can chose to be invoiced and pay by check or ACH/wire transfer. (Note: The latter carries a one time $25 setup fee.) The timing of charges for credit card and invoice customers are the same, and are as follows:

  • When a group upgrades to a PRO plan for the first time, they get a seven day free trial. Their first charge is processed after that week is over, i.e. on Day 1 of their PRO subscription. If paying by credit card, the charge is processed at that time. If paying by invoice, the invoice is generated and sent.

  • An admin can increase their group size during the free trial and this will simply be reflected in the initial credit card charge, or on the first invoice.

  • After the free trial is over, and during the subscription period, the admin can increase their group size at any time, in increments of five or more. Each change in group size will generate a charge at the time that it is made, either on the credit card or via a new invoice.

  • Once a PRO subscription is created, an admin can not reduce their group size. This means a 6-week minimum for PRO Event groups and a 3-month minimum for PRO Program. If a group on the PRO Program plan has overestimated its group size, it can cancel the Program plan after three months, and create a new Program plan to reset the group size.

  • The BASIC plan is always free. When a group is first created, it is automatically placed on the BASIC plan. When a PRO plan expires, the group returns to the free BASIC plan.

See here for the general guidelines to remove unwanted members from a group at any time.

*PRO plans allow groups to upgrade with a minimum of 10 members, increasing membership by multiples of 5 as indicated on the pricing slide bar.

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