The short answer: YES!

At the moment, the system only allows a single email address and each fitness tracker for a single account, and the same account can't be associated with more than one group.

Which means, if you simply want to switch groups, simply delete your current account and start over, using the direct invite link provided by your new group Admin - if your group is 'Private' - or the group 'Search' function - if your group is 'Public.'

If you are wanting to participate in more than one group on Count.It concurrently, you will need to create a new Count.It account and profile with a different email address and either:

use a free phone app as your secondary tracker, (i.e. the Count.It iOS App, Google Fit) or attach a secondary device (i.e. Fitbit, Strava, Garmin, etc).

- OR -

check to confirm if either (or both) of your groups are subscribed to the Count.It PRO plan and allowing Manual Entry, which would allow you to simply manually enter the tracked data from your connected device into your secondary profile!

If you don't have one already, you can easily create a new, free email address via Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo.

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