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How do I invite people to join my Classic group?
How do I invite people to join my Classic group?

Send them your group's custom invite link or code!

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Once you've created your group, you should invite some people to join you! Every group on Count.It gets a custom invite code, as well as a related custom invite link.

Admins can find these on their Admin --> Group Profile page:

All users can find the same invite link on their Invites page, or they can send the same link to a friend or colleague via the invite screen in the Count.It app.

The invite code and link work both for users who join Count.It on the web, and for those who download and join via the Count.It app.

On the web, anyone who clicks the link will be directed to create their Count.It account, and then will be automatically prompted to join the group during onboarding via the following welcome screen:

Users joining via app will typically be required to enter the group invite code to identify the group. (Note: If a user has already download the Count.It app, and then clicks the invite link in their email, the Count.It app is smart and will prompt the user to join the correct group during their onboarding.) Here's the group invite code entry screen:

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