Why is my score lower than expected?

What to do if your totals don't seem to add up

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  1. While your Logs record your daily total, most leaderboard's default setting is monthly and average, which would explain why you might be seeing different or lower values than expected. You can always sort your leaderboard using different metrics to see the differing results.

  2. If the week, month or PRO challenge has ended, there's another reason why you may be seeing lower totals than expected! It turns out that making sure the data is fully sync'd is part of the game! Count.It "closes" the leaderboards in order to accurately determine winners, meaning the total or average score on your group's leaderboards always represent the final standings for the end of each week and monthly/PRO challenge.

What that means: the result is that it's very possible for users to sync their tracker after those timeframes have ended, and end up with data on their Logs page that is not reflected in their score on "closed" leaderboards. AKA - If you did not sync once during a week, your data will update to your Logs and count towards your final Monthly or PRO Challenge score, but you will not appear in the rankings for that specific Weekly board.

Example: assuming your group is running a Monthly challenge for June 2020, all data reported for the week 06/15-06/21 might not appear on your Weekly Leaderboard if sync'd late, but would be reported to your Logs page and will count for your overall Monthly challenge! So, be sure to sync your device regularly and especially on the last day of your challenge to receive full credit!

NOTE: Count.It allows for a 12 hour syncing grace period at the end of challenges. Count.It will credit any activity logged as long as that activity is assigned to a day that is within the challenge window. However, if user has activity data within the challenge window, but fails to sync within the 12 hour grace period, then they will not get credit for that activity as the challenge has officially closed.

Example: Your group's challenge dates are June 15 - July 15. Which means your challenge ends at 11:59PM on the 15th in your group's timezone. You will have until noon (12:00PM) the following day June 16th to sync all your data tracked through the 15th, at which point the leaderboard recalculates and the standings are finalized.

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