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How do I create a Group Journey challenge?
How do I create a Group Journey challenge?

Pool your group's activity and walk to the moon!

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One of the most requested challenge types on Count.It is the "Journey" challenge which allows a group to make a virtual journey from a point of origin to a desired destination, pooling their collective steps to cover that distance.

(If the group is tracking more than steps, such as cycling, swimming, or meditation, they can also pool their collective activity points, which are then expressed in steps.)

On Count.It, the group can watch it's progress each day along a virtual path:

To create your Journey challenge, simply go to your PRO Admin --> Challenges dashboard, and select the "Group" challenge section. Then select "Group Total (Journey)."

In the challenge form, input the distance of your journey, in either miles or kilometers. Count.It will calculate the number of steps required to cover that distance.

You can then enter your point of origin and destination. (Note: The system does not auto-generate the distance from these points -- those are simply used as labels on the map)

Once done, hit save!

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