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When does our group leaderboard reset to "0"?
When does our group leaderboard reset to "0"?
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Groups operating on the free, BASIC plan will see a full reset to "0" on the first of every month (and at the beginning of each week when viewing your leaderboard on the 'Weekly' metric). Weekly leaderboards run Monday - Sunday.

If your PRO group has a challenge scheduled to start in the future, that leaderboard will become the default view at 12:01AM on the first day of the challenge, and it will be the default view during the dates of the challenge. Your group stats will all revert to "0" when your challenge begins!*

You can always navigate to your group's challenges using the date picker controls on the blue toolbar, and selecting "Challenges."

*Please note: It's normal to see that some people already have scores on the leaderboard before your PRO challenge begins.

When you look at users' Logs pages — even brand new users — you will see past data. That said, we do not include all of that data in the calculation of a user's score on a given, current leaderboard. We only credit activity on a leaderboard for days that are within the challenge/leaderboard time period. That's because:

  1. When a new user syncs their device for the first time, Count.It grabs activity data going back 27 days. After the initial sync, the system collects 7 days of past data with each sync.

  2. There will always be an active leaderboard visible on your group homepage. By default, you will see Monthly, Weekly, and Daily leaderboards, and these all reset at the start of each given time period.

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