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What fitness tracker apps work with Count.It?
What fitness tracker apps work with Count.It?
Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, Google Fit, Strava, RunKeeper...
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Count.It connects directly to the following activity tracking devices and apps. To connect, simply log in to Count It, go to the Setting>Trackers page, and click the "Connect" button next to your tracker.

Note: When a new user joins, or an existing user adds a new tracking app or device, Count.It will gather any available activity data from that tracker going back 27 days.

Wearable Devices

Smartphone Apps:

Note: If you don't see your device or app on the list, don't panic! Check this article for the simple steps to connect your app/device to Count.It via one of the "hub" apps we do support. And, yes, you can connect more than one tracker!

For reference: The Misfit app is being discontinued as of Q1 2021.

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