Hooray, it's a NEW APP!

The new Count.It app, code named "Journey." It's our favorite creation yet!

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We're so excited we could scream! 😂 Building on years of experience with our "Classic" platform, we've been working away quietly on the new, new thing in social wellness challenges. Now, finally, it's ready for release, and we can't wait for you to try it. Check out our new website and Help Center for all the details you need to get started in minutes.

Because we have lot's of people running challenges, or planning to run challenges, we wanted to answer some basic questions:

What happens to the existing Count.It platform?

Absolutely nothing! Our popular, tried-and-true platform will remain up and running indefinitely. There are no plans to sunset the product, and we will support it fully.

Can I use the new app with the "Classic" platform?

No. The new app comes with its own "back end" platform. If your company or group is running a challenge on the existing Count.It, you should use the existing app in the app store.

Why a new app?
There were a few big motivations. First, we were frustrated by the limitations of conventional leaderboards, which are hierarchical and easy to ignore for people who are not at the very top. Second, we wanted to make the challenge experience more social, prompting people to actually engage with each other. Third, we wanted to make the entire platform smarter, i.e. helping admins and users to set good goals, and rewarding users for achievements large and small.

What's so great about the new app?

We've replaced the conventional leaderboard with a virtual path, marked by eight levels each with successive degree of difficulty. Users can now zoom in and out to see themselves moving forward, surrounded by their fellow challengers — just as they would if they were participating in a real world walkathon or running race! In addition, social interactions are now front and center. Also, we've overhauled our sync'ing to make tracker data flow incredibly seamless, and we've added more notifications to make the challenge feel like a LIVE event.

Why is it called "Journey" on the iOS and Android App Stores?

When we first started working on the new app, we referred to it as "Journey" because users move along a path as they log points, essentially going on a virtual journey during their challenge. In these early days post release, we want to distinguish clearly between the new app and the "Classic" app, so we added the label Journey to the app name in the stores. That said, the "Journey" label is not forever! One day, this will be the one and only Count.It app, and we will slowly transition away from the "Journey" label to just plain old Count.It!

Are you still working on it, or is it done?

The app is live now, and it...rocks! We started with the core features and support for automatic steps challenges, which we believe we've nailed. We'll be adding features over the course of the next several months. The "classic" platform still has features that are not yet built into the new app. Here's what's currently supported by the new app, and what's coming soon:



Step Challenges


Native iOS, Android Apps


Auto Sync Google Fit, Apple Health


Unlimited users, challenges


Social interactions, notifications


Auto - Sync Garmin, Fitbit

Coming Soon

Exercise, Meditation Challenges

Coming Soon

Teams Challenges

Coming Soon

Automated Gift Card Rewards

Coming Soon

How can we get it?

Download the Count.It app

How much does it cost?

Challenges with ten or fewer participants are free of charge. For larger challenges, you can upgrade to Premium, which is the best deal in wellness. Read all about it here!

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