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Getting Started for Group Admins
Groups, teams, and challenges: Key terms explained (Count.It Classic)
Groups, teams, and challenges: Key terms explained (Count.It Classic)

On Count.It Classic, groups host challenges, and can have teams within them!

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On, users create or join a "group." A Count.It group includes all the people who join from a given community, for example, a company, association, school, etc.

Once a group is created, its admin can create a "challenge" for the group. (Note: To set up a structured challenge, admins must upgrade to one of the paid PRO plans.)

An admin may also create "teams" within their group. For example, a company might want to have a competition between two office locations. Here's how this looks on a "group homepage."

Every challenge on Count.It is defined by a time frame, and can include one or more goals and rewards, including goals for individuals, teams, and/or for the entire group.

All members of a Count.It group are automatically included in any challenges being run by the group. Users do not need to "opt in" to a challenge within their group.

Challenges on Count.It can be one time events, or ongoing challenge programs. Even for groups doing one time challenge events, however, the group may live on after its first challenge, and it can be used to run more challenges over time. This allows the group to save the history of its challenges, and it also means that user don't have to recreate their Count.It accounts every time they do a challenge.

For more on creating PRO challenges, please see here.

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