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What Data is Shared from Slack to Count.It?
What Data is Shared from Slack to Count.It?

Not to worry, we're not spying on your Slack #channels!

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Count.It exists to help users help each other stay active and healthy and connected. As per our public Privacy & Terms statement, we do not sell or share user data with any third parties, and users can remove their accounts at any time. For a complete description of what data Count.It collects from users, and how we secure it, please see our Count.It System Security and Data Sharing Help Article.

Slack admins and users are rightfully concerned that an app like Count.It could track unrelated activity and messages that go on in their workspace. We're not!

When an admin launches the Count.It Slack app, an invitation appears in the designated Slack #channel, and users have the choice of joining. When a user joins Count.It via the Slack app, Slack sends us the user's name and email address, and a secure ID "token." We do not get the user's Slack password.

The Slack "CountItBot" does two kinds of things: Push messaging into the designated #channel, and response to user-initiated "/commands."

Push Messages

There are roughly a dozen distinct "push" messages that the Bot can send, and these are all visible to all users who are members of the designated channel. Some are "shout outs" like your example, though never with specific user activity data. Some are just general group cheerleading. There is also a recurring weekly recap on Fridays. In general, the message frequency is roughly every other day. Here are a few examples:

CountItBotAPP 7:00 PM
Diego.Valle, all the bots are rooting for you!

CountItBotAPP 12:00 PM
Exercise increases energy and serotonin levels in the brain, both of which lead to improved mental clarity. SO, it's not that smart people are more active, it's that active people are smarter.

Hi Count It Labs Inc.. TGIF! This week, 7 of your group members have logged 1,646 Count.It points, or the equivalent of 164,624 steps. Your group average was 47 points per day per person. That's up 361% vs. last week.

/Commands Data Sharing

Users can issue a number of /commands to elicit a response from the CountItBot. See the Slack app overview article for the full list. The only user activity data shared on Slack is the weekly "Top 15" leaderboard. Also, the Bot will do shoutouts to the "Most Active" person in the group.


The Count.It Slack app primarily uses the Slack Web API, and makes limited use of the Slack Events API. The latter involves "listening" for a discrete set of events listed below. All security, compliance, and application scopes are available on our listing in the Slack App Directory.

Slack Event API Triggers

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