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The Count.It Slack app (and the CountItBot) bring almost all of the features of Count.It challenges right into Slack — and then add a few more cool Slack-only things.

Count.It Inside Slack

With the Count.It Slack app, users can now do pretty much anything within Slack that they can do on the Count.It app, i.e. create an account, connect trackers, view daily and weekly activity logs, as well as a weekly "Most Active" leaderboard and summaries of all current PRO challenges. To see full challenge leaderboards, with custom challenge graphics (think: Journey Challenge), users can click a button to go to the Count.It WebApp; otherwise they never need to leave their Slack workspace.

CountItBot Push Messaging

Also, once the Slack app is launched, the CountItBot shows up daily to cheer everyone one, provide witty banter, and pass along relevant health/exercise tips to keep your team informed and inspired.

The app also introduces a Slack-only feature: The ability to log, and get credit for mini exercise breaks taken during the work day, along with the ability for users to invite (a.k.a. challenge) other people, or entire #channels, to join a Workbreak. A user can log a break consisting of 10 push-ups, for example, or two minutes of yoga and stretching. For each break logged, a user earns 5 Count.It points. Users can also set ongoing Workbreak goals, and the CountItBot will provide gentle reminders to keep them on track. Please see here for complete details on setting Workbreak goals and logging Workbreaks!


Here is the full list of the Count.It Slack app commands:

/countit ---> to log Workbreak activity

/countit "10 push-ups" ---> to log a specific Workbreak activity

/countit goal ---> to set, edit or delete a custom Workbreak goal

/countit @user ---> to invite teammates to a Workbreak

/countit @user "10 push-ups" ---> to invite teammate(s) to a specific activity

/countit trackers ---> to connect a fitness tracking app

/countit me ---> to see your current points and activity

/countit challenge ---> to see current group challenges

/countit leaders ---> to see the leaderboard top rankings

/countit group ---> to see your group's collective activity level

/countit help ---> to see these commands

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