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FAQ: PRO Plans (Count.It Classic)
How to pay via invoice with check or ACH
How to pay via invoice with check or ACH

Your company does like using credit cards? No problem!

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The process of upgrading and requesting payment by invoice is simple, and entirely self-service. You can get going without a credit card in minutes, and, if this is your first time upgrading to PRO, you'll still get your seven day free trial!

  • If you are creating your group for the first time, go directly to the Count.It Plans page. If already have a BASIC group on the platform, log in to your Count.It group, click over to your PRO Admin --> Account page, and then click the Upgrade Plan button in the Plans Summary box.

  • On the Plans page, select whichever PRO plan you desire. If you choose PRO Program, you may also select either a monthly subscription or annual via the Monthly-Annual toggle switch. In the "Plan Details" box, move the slider to your desired group size. If you're not certain, you can set the group size to the minimum expected, and then purchase more later as needed. Click the "Checkout" (or "Next") button at the bottom of the page.

  • On the Checkout page (shown above), below the credit card payment info form on the right, you will see a link "Want to pay by check / ACH / invoice?" Click that link. In a moment, our "support Bot" will pop up in the messenger window on your screen. Simply follow the prompts, and the Bot will provide you with an upgrade link. Click that link, and your group will be upgraded to your new plan. We will then send over an invoice to begin the billing process.

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