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Count.It plan overviews, features and pricing details

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On Count.It, anyone can create a group for free on our BASIC plan. The free, BASIC group is your home base between challenges, where you can always keep track of your group's basic activity.

Groups upgrade to our paid Count.It PRO plans in order to track more activities, and run structured challenges of any duration, with goals, rewards, teams, reporting, and more. Here's a look at the features of each plan:


  • Track Steps and Cycling activity

  • View your leaderboard for the current day, week, or calendar month

  • Connect all supported trackers

  • Unlimited users

  • One admin user


  • Track all activity types including steps, cycling, swimming, strength training, yoga, meditation

  • Enter data manually into Count.It

  • Assign Bonus Points for any non-tracked activity

  • Create challenges of any duration or start date, with structured goals and rewards

    • Individual, Team and Group challenges

    • Leaderboard rank or target score challenges

    • Journey challenges

  • Form teams within your group

  • Send "push button" rewards to users, including e-gift cards from a growing list of popular brands (Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Whole Foods Market, etc.)

  • Broadcast messaging to all group members

  • Generate an embeddable leaderboard widget which can be added to any third party website

  • Generate reports on all challenge activity and rewards

  • Support for unlimited admin users, setting leaderboard preferences, establishing a default leaderboard view, and more...


BASIC groups on Count.It are free forever!

The price for PRO plans is based on the number of users in the group, and the per user rate declines as your group's user count increases*. There are no setup fees on Count.It, and all new groups can take advantage of a 7-day free trial, so you can try before you buy!

When upgrading to either of the PRO Event or Program plans, you will select your estimated group size. You will be charged at the start of your plan (after the free trial period) for the number of users you select.

Please note: For groups on a PRO Plan, all payments for users are final and can not be refunded. Once registered for a PRO Event or PRO Program, there is not an option to lower your number of participants. You can, however, add more users later, and you will simply be charged for them when you add them*.

PRO Event plans activate all PRO features for a set timeframe of 6 weeks. PRO Event subscription starts at the time of payment - there is not a way to set a later start date. PRO Event subscriptions last a set 6 weeks and cannot be auto-renewed or extended. Admin are able to subscribe to a new 6 week Event once the previous one has expired. Backdating is only available up to 7 days prior so in most cases no previous challenges or data can be extended or carried through into a new Event subscription.

PRO Program plans can run their programs on a month-to-month basis, or they can purchase an annual subscription at a great discount.

Please note: For either the monthly or annual option, there is a minimum 3-month commitment with the option to then activate an auto renewal month-to-month.

PRO vs. PRO Legacy: What has changed?

  • Groups that joined Count.It PRO during early 2020 have been 'grandfathered' into Count.It's new pricing structure at the same discounted rate.

  • PRO Legacy plans remain in effect until they expire or are cancelled!

*PRO plans allow groups to upgrade with a minimum of 10 members, increasing membership by multiples of 5 as indicated on the pricing slide bar.

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