How can I delete an inaccurate data point?
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Fitness tracking apps are great, but they do sometimes make mistakes. Not to worry, if your tracker sent inaccurate data to Count.It for a given day, you can easily delete it. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to your personal Logs page, and tap or click on the day with inaccurate data.

  • This will open the activity editing pop-up form. To delete the data point, tap or click the red delete icon next to the data point:

  • Please note: If you delete data from Count.It, but not from your tracker, it may get rewritten to Count.It on your next sync. To fully delete it, be sure to remove it from your tracking app as well!

Count.It also allows users to connect one or more fitness tracking apps to their account. By default, the system will take the best score for any given activity and day from the source that provides it. However, if you have connected multiple tracking apps, and you would like to change which data source is "active" for a given day, simply select the radio button to the left of the data source to make that tracker "active" for the day. This will NOT change the default setting for any other day.

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