Count.It allows users to see their activity on leaderboards, and, by default, these are "Daily," "Weekly," and "Monthly." These leaderboards reflect data logged within the given time period, and they reset at midnight on the last day of the given period. SO, daily leaderboards reset every night at midnight. Weekly leaderboards run from Sunday at midnight to the following Sunday at midnight, in the timezone of your group. Monthly leaderboards reset at midnight on the last day of the month.

Why does this matter? Well, this means that you will see your scores fluctuate at the start of a new week or month. Both your "TOTAL" score and your "AVERAGE" score will reset to 0 on your DAILY, WEEKLY, and MONTHLY leaderboards when those leaderboards reset.

For example, take the "Daily" leaderboard: By the evening on any given day, you've likely sync'd all your movement activity for that day. However, at midnight, the system flips to the new day, and counts a "0" for that new day until you add activity data. Note: Because you're logging a "0" for the new day, this also means, your AVERAGE Count.It score for the week or month will decrease until you've logged activity for the new day. Note: Your TOTAL score will remain the same.

This effect is most noticeable in the early days of the month, when each new day impacts your average score a lot. It gets smaller and smaller as you get deeper and deeper into the month.

Finally, on Mondays and on the first of the month, both your AVERAGE and TOTAL scores will reset to zero.

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