What is % Change?:

The % CHANGE ranking shows each user's (or PRO Team's) percent improvement from one time period or challenge to the next. The metric is available for BASIC groups for successive Weekly and Monthly leaderboards, and for PRO groups in any challenge after creating an initial challenge that serves as their "reference challenge."

A user's average daily score in the current time period or challenge, is compared with their final score for the reference period. On the % Change leaderboard, a score of 100% indicates that there has been no change from one time period to the next. Anything greater than 100% is an improvement, and less than 100% is a decline.

Example: If a user has a Count.It score of 100 on August 15th, and they finished July with a score of 50, then they will show a % CHANGE score of 200% on the Monthly --> August leaderboard. When a week or month is over, the % CHANGE metric therefore shows the final improvement for that complete time period over the preceding.

Creating a PRO % Change Challenge:

To set up a % Change challenge, Admin need to create a reference challenge to provide the "baseline" score. As long as your following challenges begin after the start date of your first challenge, you can create as many or recurring % Change challenges as you want!

Example: So, if you want to run your overall challenge in March, you would need to use the first week to establish the baseline, and then run the % Change challenge in the remaining three weeks of the month. To get the baseline, create a challenge in the system on the PRO Admin > Challenges dashboard for that first week and then another challenge with the remaining three weeks as your "main" challenge, using the % Change Metric and Reference Challenge options.

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