On Count.It, you are placed "on the bench" on your group leaderboard if we cannot determine your score. This could be because you do not have a tracker attached to your account, or perhaps the tracker has not synced with our system in a while.

If you have a connected tracker, the fastest way to get your device actively syncing again after any inactivity is to simply open the app connected to your device as this forces its servers to send your activity data to Count.It.

You can also click the "Sync" button on your Count.It Logs page to prompt an immediate sync, or users of the Count.It app can simply open the app and:

  • click the 'person' icon on the bottom right corner

  • hit the sync wheel on your personal page to update your data (you can double check on your "LOGS" tab to confirm everything is up to date!)

  • hit the home icon to return to your Group Leaderboard and see where you stand!

If you're still not seeing your data on Count.It, please review the following checklist according to your fitness tracking app.

Fitbit, Garmin*, Strava, and Runkeeper:

  1. If you're using a wearable device, confirm that the data is making it from device to app. Make sure you have your Bluetooth turned on, and your device properly paired to your phone.

  2. Make sure that your phone has access to the Internet. If the phone is not connected to the Internet, your tracking app can not send or receive data, even if it is open.

  3. Double check that your data made it off your phone and up to the Internet - log in to your service via a web browser:

If the above steps have not helped, please go to your Settings > Trackers page on Count.It and disconnect-reconnect your tracker.

*Garmin Permissions: When we connect your Garmin Connect account to Count.It, you are asked to grant permissions to two items. Here's the screen:

Believe it or not, your daily step count is a "Daily Health Stat." So, Count.It needs permission for both items to get your steps. If you turn off "Daily Health Stats" we still get the things that Garmin records as "activities," i.e. various kinds of workouts, but the daily step total is a "Daily Health Stat."

Please note: We don't take any other "health stats," nor do we share any of the data we collect with any third parties, and you can disconnect and delete your Count.It account and data at any time.

Google Fit

  1. Please make sure that the Google account you are using to log in to your Google Fit app is the same one to which you granted Count.It sharing permissions on your Setting > Trackers page. If this is the case, when you open your Google Fit app, you should see Count It listed as a connected app.

  2. Make sure that Google Fit sync is on:

  • Go to Phone Settings -> Accounts -> Google

  • Tap on account that you have configured in Google Fit

  • Look for Google Fit/Google Fit Data options in the list

  • Ensure that radio button next to both Google Fit and Google Fit data are in the "On" position

  • Note last sync date on these rows. The date should be today's date. If it is not, try turning sync off and on again.

Count.It iOS App

  1. The Count.It app must be open. It can be open "in the background," but it's a good practice to bring it to the "foreground," i.e. look at it, at least every two to three days, otherwise iOS can terminate its access to sending and receiving data.

  2. Your phone must have Internet access. If the phone is not connected to the Internet, the Count.It app can not send or receive data, even if it is open.

  3. When you install the Count.It iOS app, you must grant it permission to access "Push Notifications." The app will not send you messages, but it requires this permission in order to send and receive data. If you are not sure whether you have granted permissions, the simplest thing to do is delete the app and reinstall it. You will not lose any data.

  4. Please check to see that your iPhone is not in Low Power Mode. When the phone is in this mode, background work is disabled, and this will prevent syncing.

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