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Can I join or start a challenge at any time?
Can I join or start a challenge at any time?

Yes you can, and the sooner the better!

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A user can join their group at any time, and, when a user joins a group, they automatically join any challenges that group is running, as well as all the default (daily, weekly, monthly) leaderboards.

Note: When a new user joins, or if an existing user adds a new tracking app or device, Count.It will gather any available activity data from that tracker going back 27 days. The user will see that activity data in their logs, and they will appear on any active leaderboards for the group. That said, the leaderboard for a given time period only includes data from that time period, and it always starts with everyone at zero at 12:01AM on the first day of that time period.

Groups on the BASIC plan have access to Daily, Weekly, and Monthly leaderboards. Using their PRO Admin --> Challenges dashboard, PRO groups can create challenges of any duration or start date, and these challenges can have goals and rewards for individuals, teams, or the entire group. For more info on creating PRO challenges, see here.

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