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Can I connect my Samsung Health app or Samsung wearable?
Can I connect my Samsung Health app or Samsung wearable?

It takes some work, but you can use Google Fit and Health Sync to do it.

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Count.It does not directly support the Samsung Health app. Unlike all the other major fitness tracking app makers, Samsung does not allow free access to third party applications. That said, there is a workaround for those with Samsung phones, or wearables.

Important Note: Over the years we found the workaround described below works for some but not all users with wearables. While we would like to be able to help, the Count.It Support team can not troubleshoot data sync issues related to Samsung Health and Samsung wearables. Below we offer a connection option, configuring option and two alternate, manual solutions for those with Samsung wearables.

For reference: Samsung phones run the Android operating system and Google Fit, which Count.It does support, is available for free on all Android phones. However, Samsung wearables — like the Galaxy watches — only connect to Samsung Health. So, if you have a Samsung wearable, and/or you simply prefer to keep your activity data in Samsung Health, you can still get your data to Count.It using the Health Sync app, which is available for $3 (with a seven day free trial) in the Google Play store.

HOW TO: Connecting Samsung Health to Count.It via Google Fit and Health Sync (with thanks to How to Geek!)

  • Make sure you have both Samsung Health and Google Fit installed on your Android smartphone. Also, if using a Samsung watch, make sure you’re signed in to Samsung Health under the same account.

  • Open Health Sync, and then tap “OK” to begin the “First Usage Actions.” On the next screen, tap "OK" to proceed.

  • Select Samsung Health as your "source app," and select Google Fit as your "destination app."

  • On the “Initialization Actions” screen, tap “Check Google Fit Connection.” This will prompt a Google login screen. Select the account you use with Google Fit.

  • On the next screens, tap “Activity Information Permission,” and then click "Allow" to grant Health Sync access to your activity.

  • You will need to change some settings in Google Fit to make sure it will allow the desired syncing. Tap “Check Activity Tracking in Google Fit.” A pop-up message will appear prompting you to disable activity tracking in Google Fit. Tap “OK” to open the Google Fit app.

  • With the Google Fit app open. Tap the “Profile” button in the bottom toolbar, then tap the "Gear" or settings icon at the top right of the screen. Scroll down and confirm that “Track Your Activities” is disabled. This ensures that Google Fit won’t interfere with Samsung Health’s tracking.

Toggle-Off the "Track Your Activities" option.
  • Now re-open the Health Sync app. Tap “OK” in the “Initialization Finished” popup.

  • Select the fitness data you want to sync between the services. Some of these will require additional permissions. Count.It tracks a limited set of physical activities, not everything that you can get from your Samsung wearable, or Samsung Health.

  • Important Note: There can be a delay of up to 30 minutes for the sync'ing of workouts and other activity "sessions" from Health Sync to Google Fit. This is built in to Health Sync. Step sync'ing usually completes within a few minutes.

OPTIONAL: Configuring your Samsung Health to Select Data Sources

For those with Samsung wearables: The Samsung Health app on your phone can be configured to count and display activity either from your wearable, or the phone, or both. The default is to show both, i.e. a total that Samsung Health calculates using data from all sources.

Please keep in mind that if the app on your phone is set to show all data, then the data on the phone may not exactly match that on your tracker, which only shows data that it has tracked. If tracking data from all sources, Samsung Health will send this calculated total to Google Fit via Health Sync, and, by extension Count.It.

If you would like to limit the tracked data to just your wearable, you can open your Samsung Health app and follow the steps below.

  • Click on the Steps area....

  • On the next screen, click the three dots menu at the top of the screen, or the "All Steps" button at the bottom. On the menu that opens, click "Select step data to show."

  • Select "Mobile Phone" from the options displayed.

  • Next, click the three dots menu at the top right of the screen.

  • Click "Pause step counting" to stop counting the phone activity, and to count exclusively the activity tracked by the wearable.

ALTERNATE, MANUAL OPTIONS: for those with Samsung wearables.

  • 1. Use Google Fit as your primary tracker. Now, to get activity data from your Samsung wearable, you can turn off step tracking in your Google Fi application and then manually enter your Samsung watch data into Google Fit.

  • 2. If you are a member of a PRO group, ask your Admin, to turn on the Count.It Manual Entry feature. This would allow you to input data directly to the site when necessary.

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