How do I create a challenge on the new app?
NEW APP: You've got a group. Now it's time to launch a challenge.
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On the new Count.It app, admins can create challenges for their group. To get started, click on the blue ➕ button on the bottom right of the group homepage, and then tap the "Create Challenge" button that pops up.

On the next screen, you can give your challenge a name, and set your start date and duration. You can also add a description. This is a good place to provide a simple overview of your challenge, and begin to get people excited! At the bottom of this screen, you'll also see a chance to add rewards. More on that below.

On the new Count.It app, each challenge is represented by a virtual path with eight levels. The more activity people log, the further they move along the path, "leveling up" as they go. In general, the start of Level 4 represents our historic "average" for performance. To get to Level 4 in a step challenge, a person must average about 6,000 steps per day. To get to Level 8, a person must average about 19,000 steps per day. Getting to Level 8 is NOT the goal, and most people will not make it there! 😅

Fun Fact: The levels on our new app are "smart" in that they are set based on the performance of everyone who has ever done a challenge on Count.It, and they will adjust over time as more activity data is logged.

To make things interesting, group admins can assign rewards to levels. In fact, you can add as many rewards to as many levels as you like. That said, you don't HAVE to add rewards to any or every level. A typical challenge might have three prizes: One for "Level 3 Finishers," another for "Level 4 Finishers," and then perhaps a third for everyone who makes it past Level 4. (To do that, just add the same prize to each of the successive levels.)

To open the "Add Reward" screen, click the "Add" button toward the bottom of the "Create Challenge" screen.

On the "Add Reward" screen, simply select a level, and then add a description for your reward. When done, click the "Save" button at the top of the screen.

PRO Tip: Be sure to specify whether users will get the reward if they achieve the level, or only if they finish in the level. The most common approach is to create rewards for “level finishers.” You can add rewards to other levels too.

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