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NEW APP: Count.It does not sell or share your data, ever.

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We built Count.It to help create healthy, fun community for real world groups. We do not make our money by advertising, or by selling your personal activity data to anyone. This has been true on our Classic platform, and is true on our the new Count.It app. You can remove your account at any time, and we will delete your data.

That's the big picture. Now, here are more details. When you sign up for Count.It, we ask for:

  • Your Name

  • Your Email

When you connect a fitness tracker (e.g. Apple Health or Google Fit), you grant Count.It access to some of the data on your device. In practice, Count.It only collects the activity data that we use for our challenges, i.e. steps. We do not collect biometric data, such as weight or heart rate, nor do we gather sleep or nutrition-related data.

We also collect your fitness tracker type, and your location so we can map your activity to the correct timezone.

What can your friends or co-workers see?

Count.It converts raw activity data into a daily points score. On the new Count.It app, every step is worth one point. When other members of your group look at the challenge page, they will see your points (or steps) total for the challenge, as well as the log of your daily scores during the challenge. Other users can cheer you on by "liking" any given day in your log. Other group members do NOT get access to the gory details of your fitness tracker data, and the smallest unit of time on Count.It is a day. We do not show data by the minute or hour, so nobody can track your movements over the course of a day.

If you have questions, please shoot us a line, or, for more details, see our official Privacy and Terms.

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