Once you've created your group, you should invite some people to join you! Every group on Count.It, BASIC or PRO, has a custom invitation link. You can find this either on your Invites page, or on your Admin --> Group Profile page.

To invite others, simply copy the link and send it to your invitees — or you can paste your invitee email addresses in the form on your Invites page and hit send.

A few important notes:

  • If you have set your group to "Private", then you must use the invite link to add new members to your group. Your group will not appear in the "auto-complete" search form for new users trying to find their group on the Count.It Join page. To toggle your group privacy preferences, go to your Admin --> Group Profile page.
  • If your group is "Private", your new members should only join using the website, not through the Count.It app. Why? The custom invite link can only be used for web onboarding. They will simply need to click the link and follow the prompts to create their account and join your group on Count.It before downloading the Count.It app.
  • As Admin, in order to access your group invite link, you must verify your email. Click the verify email button on your Invites page, and then simply reply to the message Count.It sends you. You will find your link on your Admin-->Group Profile page.

Invites Page

Group Profile Page

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