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Add to Slack

Launching the Count.It Slack App (and the Challenge!)

The Slack app is easy to launch, and can be done by admins with existing Count.It groups, or by Slack admins who want to create a new Count.It challenge group and launch the Slack app all at the same time. The entire process can be done in a few minutes.

Note: Some Slack workspaces require users to be admins in order be able to install new apps. If you are not an admin of your Slack workspace, you can either ask to become one, or you can have an existing Slack admin install the Count.It Slack app.

The Count.It Slack app is available for both BASIC and PRO groups, though PRO groups will have access to their challenges and teams, which are not supported on the BASIC plan. For both BASIC and PRO groups, the Count.It Slack app provides a "Most Active" leaderboard, showing the top 15 users ranked by average daily activity in the current week. For more information on the differences between the PRO and BASIC plans, check this article.

Install from Where?

Admins can install the Count.It Slack app either directly from the Count.It page in the Slack App Directory, or from the Count.It Slack App landing page. Admins of existing Count.It groups can also click the "Add to Slack" button on their Integrations page. It doesn't matter where you find the "Add to Slack" button, once you click it, the same onboarding steps will happen in quick succession:

  • Create a new user account on Count.It (New Count.It users only.)

  • Create a new group on Count.It on the free BASIC plan (New Count.It users only.)

  • Install the Count.It Slack app in your Slack workspace.

  • Select which #channel you want to be the "app home channel." While you will be able to issue /commands from any channel in your Sack workspace, your home channel is where CountItBot will post messages, including alerts when users log work breaks.

Install How?

Step 1: Admin clicks the "Add to Slack" button.

(Authenticate, grant permissions, choose app #channel.)

Step 2: Admins invites Slack teammates to join in app #channel.

(Click "Invite your teammates to join!" button.)

Step 3: Users Get Connected.

(Authenticate, grant permissions, connect trackers, create work break goal.)

Step 4: Admin upgrades to Count.It PRO to create challenges, and/or form teams!

(You're done! Try inviting someone to a work break, with the /countit @user command.)

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