Step 1: Install a fitness tracking app.

To take full advantage of Count.It, you're going to want a fitness tracking app, i.e. Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, Strava, etc. If you already have an account on a supported fitness tracking app, jump to Step 2!

If you are NOT already using a fitness tracker on your phone, it makes sense to get that set up first. (Note: Count.It does support direct manual data entry for PRO groups.)

  • If you have an iPhone, or Apple Watch, and plan to use the built in Apple Health app for tracking, you're all set. Jump to Step 2!

Step 2: Join Count.It!

You can sign up for Count.It on the web, or via the Count.It app on either iOS or Android. Most new users join a group that already exists. (Otherwise you're a group organizer, and you may want to check this article!)

If you're joining a group, your group admin, or another member of the group, may have given you an invitation link. If you click this link, you'll begin the "onboarding" on the web, and you will automatically be added to that group. If you don't have an invitation link, not to worry, you can simply type the name of your group to find it among existing Count.It groups.

Join via the Count.It App:

  • Download the Count.It iOS app or Count.It Android app, click "Sign Up," and follow the prompts. When asked to "Enter your group name..." type the name of our challenge/group in the auto-prompt field.
  • Important Note: If your group has been set to "private," you will NOT see it on the "Find Your Group" screen, and you will not be able to join via the app! You will need to sign up via the web using your group's private invite link. If you don't already have this, please ask your group Admin for the link.

Join via the Web:

  • If you are joining Count.It via the web, proceed to the Join page, and enter your name and email, and create a password. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Apple ID, LinkedIn or Slack account credentials. Once you've created your account on the web, you'll be asked to find or create your group!
  • Important Note: If your admin has set your group to "Private," then you will not see that group, even when you type the name in the "Find your group..." field. In this case, please ask your admin or another group member for the group invite link.

Step 3: Connect a Fitness Tracker

Whether you sign up via the Count.It app, or on the web, you'll be prompted to connect your fitness tracker. Here's how it looks on the web!

Assuming you already have an app installed on your phone, simple click the "Yeah, I've got one!" button and on the following "Connect Your Device" screen, simply click the connect button below your fitness tracker app brand. Not to worry, you can add more later if you like on your Settings --> Trackers page.

OR if you do not have one yet, click the "No, I need one" button, and you'll be given a chance to download either the Count.It Android app or the Count.It iOS app.

Step 4: Join your team!

If your PRO group has Teams that allow their members to join, you'll see a bright red alert appear when you land on your group homepage. You can click the link in that alert to go to your Settings --> Teams page. Once on that page, click the 'JOIN' button next to your team's name to join:

Here's how it looks on the app:

Please note: Some PRO group Admin choose to assign Teams for their members. If that is the case, you will not be prompted to join but will receive your Team assignment by your Admin once you are actively enrolled in the Group.

Nice work! You're done!

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